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Training & Workshop
Training / Capacity Building
Capacity building is defined as the "process of developing and strengthening the skills, instincts,
abilities, processes and resources that organizations and communities need to survive, adapt, and thrive in the fast-changing world”.
Training and Development is the framework for helping employees to develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities. The focus of all aspects of Human Resource Development is on developing the most superior workforce so that the organization and individual employees can accomplish their work goals in service to customers. Training is a process of building capacity of stakeholders based on our objective and their need, which are planned after the discussion with the CBOs, communities, stakeholders. We generally assume that any training that we conduct are on the basis of the need of stakeholders and have specific expectation from the stakeholders, that once they trained, they will perform, they will meet, build the capacity of other people, raise the issues, participate in activities and build a positive environment etc.
Our organization has conducted various types of Capacity Building programs related to the project and to build the capacity of our staffs so that their vision about the objectives of the project would get clear. The training has been conducted for various groups and committee like for children groups, adult groups (Child Protection Committee), women groups, and disaster risk reduction,                             
Capacity building OF various Groups and Committee
Capacity Building of Volunteer’s
Training was conducted for the volunteers regarding implementing the program, making understanding about project, formation of Village Committee & Bal - Panchayat (Village’s children group).90 volunteers got training on Psychosocial Care.

Capacity Building of CPC members on Psychosocial Care
The CPCs members have been trained to identify, monitor and respond on issues of children in village. CPCs have been trained to respond during disaster to provide safe evacuation of children, aged and helpless people. Total 52 CPCs are functional in all the project villages of Khagaria and Beldaur
At Beldaur 6 training program has been conducted last year in which total 450 CPCs have participated and at Khagaria 4 capacity building workshop has been conducted for 300 CPCs members.
We have organized this training two times in our intervention area. We have discussed the psychosocial subject like values, believes, feelings, thought, Structure, security, communication tools etc among the participants. We also discussed about the situation of disaster and how to give psychosocial support to affected peoples. We help them through social support also like economic, religious, medicines, cognitive therapy etc. During this training many PRIs also participated because they are the member of CPC .During this training trainers discussed every points in details like what is structure and what are the types, how do you understand, how do you understand about the values, how do you support to affected person according to their problems and needs, and what we have for them in terms of support like food, cloths etc
After this training CPC aware about the this new subject psychosocial support because they have learnt during this training .Every one was enthusiastic after getting this training they said now we are able to provide such type of information to our villagers during the time of disaster.

Training of Children Groups on Child Protection
We have organized this training two times in 30 villages of our intervention area in Beldaur block of Khagaria district. The aim behind this training was that the children could understand their rights and raise a voice against the suppression from their rights. Firstly, we have organized this training in the month of March and second time in the month of May. For this training SC has given the TOT to our staff at Patna then we have conducted training at village level. We have organized CG group members at CFS places for training, boys and girls are the member of this group. We roll out the training schedule before organizing this. We have discussed the child protection issues and monitoring issues like early child marriage, abuse, neglect, trafficking, child labor, and education etc. We have discussed the whole thing in a two days training. We categorized the training in sessions. Our trained volunteers and Field Guide has given the training to all children group members. We also addressed the real situation of the intervention area. We have discussed all topics in detail like what are child marriage, child labour, neglect, and trafficking etc. we have conducted group exercised also among the participants. So in this way we have organized two round training. 300 members of CG were participated in the training. Project manager and field coordinator also participated in the training some where.                             
All CG members are aware about their rights and protection concerns. Children Group members have working like a monitoring body in the villages for children issues. Many protection concerns solved the CG in the villages like early child marriage and child labour etc.                  

Training of CPC/ VEC on Child Protection
We have organized this training in two rounds in the month of April, May and June .We have trained 650 members of Village Education Committee and Child Protection Committee, 450-CPC & 200 of VEC. In this training we are trying to aware the committee members about the children issues and their protection, how they protect children in their own area and villages and what are the element of child protection. Basically child protection element is early child marriage, abuse, neglect, trafficking, child labour, and education this point is discussed by the trainers among the participants. We have also tried to aware PRIs about the issues of child protection concern because PRIs is the members of CPC. We have 450 members of this committee in 30 villages. We have organized this training at the village level at our CFS place as well as at Panchayat Bhawan and Schools Buildings. Firstly we have divided training into two sessions in a day and we have group exercise for the participants on different child issues, our trained volunteers has given the training to all committee members in two days.               
All members are aware of the child protection concerns through this important training and they said this training really increase our knowledge in respect of child and their protection issues. We definitely look after the child protection in our villages.

Adolescent Training on Health and Hygiene
We have organized two rounds training for adolescent on health and hygiene subject. First round in the month of March and second round in the month of April 2009. We have 450 members of this ADG group age between 12 to 17 yrs. Total 30 groups in thirty villages and 15 members in an each group. We create awareness among the adolescents through training which was based on sanitation, behavioral communication change, hygiene, cleanliness, diarrhea ,malaria, Iron tab late, HIV/AIDS,ORS, Iodized salt and immunization etc. Our trained volunteers, community mobilisers and resource person Mrs. Sahani have given the training to ADG member at the CFS places.
Firstly, our volunteers convey the date of training among the ADG members; arrange the logistic and training kits. After the introduction volunteers have started to discuss on the subject of training and given group work on it. ADG shared their views on the subject and hygiene condition during the last flood. Volunteers categorized the training in the session. We used the lady volunteer and lady resource person from outside for interaction with adolescent girls for their personal hygiene.                                         
450 ADG members have given training about the health and hygiene issues they are also trained about to maintain hygiene condition during the time of disaster like how to use halogen tablet, safe drinking water and about the sanitation. Girls are using IFA tab or not, during menstruation period. Properly hand wash before meal and after toilet etc.

Training of Children Education Committee
We have organized training of children education committee at 20 villages on the child rights and protection issues on dated 18th and 19th May 2009. We have discussed the children issues with CEC members who are children; this training is based on early child marriage, child labour, trafficking, abuse, neglect, exploitation, education etc. Our trained volunteers have given the training to all 200 members of CEC. All training organized at CFS places in 20 villages. We have try to raised the issues through children in the community how child is vulnerable after flood or as usual in the society. We trained the children on education system also what type of education system do you need in the school, what is your role to streamline the study system in the schools with the help of teachers. Children shared their own view and thoughts about the school management as well as their rights ,why they are engaged in child labour ,trainers also discussed about the strategy of this committee with participants how it is play a vital role in the school system, this is like a watch dog committee.
Trainers explain the all points in details among the participants. Trainers conducted a group exercise also about their brain storming on issues which is related with flood affected children.                                                                       

Training of 120 local govt. staff and 90 PRIs
We have organized this training at the district level and block level at Khagaria and Beldaur in the month of Aug 2009.This training was based on child rights and protection. In this training PRIs, ANM, ASHA Worker, Community leaders, and Teachers were participated. Labour superintendent Mr. R.K. Jha, BDO Anuj Kumar and DDC Mr. Krishna Mohan Singh were also participated in the training. We have organized this training at Red Cross Bhawan, Khagaria, we have hire four resource person like CWC member Patna Mr.Tarkeshwar Singh, JJB Khagaria, member and one resource from Manav Seva Asharam, Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Singh. Total 180 participants were participated in the four days training on child issues. Trainers discussed about the issues like abuse, early child marriage, child labor, trafficking, neglect, exploitation, harassment etc among the participants, trainers divided the training into sessions like introductory session, brain storming session, group exercise sessions, topic based sessions etc. SC field officers also participated in this training.
All participants are aware about the child rights because trainers also discussed about the UNCRC guide line with all participants. All participants become aware about the children issues in details. We have lunch and tea facilities in the training for participants. All participants have been trained on the child rights and protection issues and all participants said this is the unique and useful training for all of us. So we are thankful to KVT and SC for organizing such kind of training.

Training of Migration
We have organized this training at the village level in our intervention area of 30 villages in Beldaur block for 3000 migrants in the month of Oct 2009. Before organizing this training SC has given the TOT on the topic of migration to our staff on dated 7-9th Sept 09 at Patna, after that we also trained 30 volunteers on this subject at Beldaur on dated 20-21th Sept 2009. After the flood 2008 in this area migration rates increased gradually the whole area of Kosi is migrants’ area so we feel how to aware the migrants people on this issue. With help of SC we rollout the training program in batch wise for every villages, SC has prepare a material for migrants then we have printed its 3000 copy and distributed among the migrants in 30 villages of Beldaur block area. SC has also prepare a training manual for this training and we follow this manual in the training .Our trained volunteers has given the training to all 3000 people. During the training trainers discussed about the minimum wages act, bonded labour act, compensation act etc. and why people migrate, what are the factors behind it, like social ,economical and perhaps political .But after the flood 2008 many villagers has lost their every thing and problem is how to earn money for surviving the life with family members.
In this situation villagers move from their own area for work and livelihood. At every training place we have an open discussion session for migrants and their problems. Our trainers also discussed about the Source, Transit and Destination with the participants because this the main element of migration we have distributed 3000 identity cards among the migrants, we also focused about their identity in the other state where they are working and we take some bad examples of migration, in the training trainers discussed about the health of migrants also, we have done wall writing also for their awareness on this issues. We have installed referral board also in 30 villages.
Migrants aware about their rights and asked about district level labour department address where they can registered at the time of leaving /migration they are agree to make a register at the village level for their detail information.
Trainers demonstrated the activities also like first aid, making stature etc. Trainers conducted group exercise also and facilitated to them.
All teachers are aware about the flood preparedness like safe evacuation route, first aid, search and rescue and grain bank also about the school capacity and risk.

Training for Repairing and Maintaining Hand Pump with Tool Kits
After training the members of Pay Jal Committee is repaired the village hand pump and earn money and increased their source of income. The training includes changing of washer, jibhiya, how to open and to set/tight the upper part/head of the pumps and to maintain care during the repairing and name of parts and tools. Availability of safe drinking water becomes a very difficult problem. In this scenario, to ensure safe drinking water during disaster period it is proposed to raise platform of at least one hand pump in each village. Cemented platform piling work has already been completed in 10 villages.
 After training the members of Pay Jal Committee is repaired the village hand pump and earn money. After training they increased their source of income. Pay Jal Samity is formed in 20 villages and people of 10 villages trained. Upper part/ head of the pumps and to maintain care during the repairing and name of parts and tools. Total repaired hand pumps of 13 villages                                           


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