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KVT has developed and published lots of book, booklet, handbook, training manual, posters, and pamphlets.  
Jamin Kiski Jote Uski: This book provides information about land movement of Bodhgaya. This movement has its historical importance. This was the first largest movement of Bihar after independence. This movement ensured dalit land rights and possession on land. The writer of this book and Managing Trustee of KVT Mr. Prabhat Kumar was awarded with Swami Parma nand Peace Award by former President of India Mr. R. Venkatraman.
Aao Samanta Ki Bat Karen: This book provides lots of information about gender discrimination.This book provides reader the knowledge about the situation of women in different era. Through question and its answer its make the reader understand that gender discrimination is inhumane and fruit of wrong notion and tradition. This also provides the reader the way to come out from this situation.
Marx wad Se Sampuran Kranti: A book on thought of JP.
Damodar Ko Jine Do: (A story on survival of Damodar river at Jharkhand state.)This book was published as apart of water literacy program and Damodar movement. This book provides knowledge on water pollution of Damodar river.
Aapda Ke Samay Bacho Ki Dekhbhal: A handbook provides knowledge on taking care of children at the time of disaster
Vipda Men Laghu Kisano Ko Madad: this booklet is published to provide knowledge about farmer cooperative,seed bank and policy and schemes for small farmers.
Bardh Apda Se Jang Kin Taiyari: This booklet is published to provide knowledge on disaster preparedness.
Surakshit Prasav Ewam Dekhbhal: This booklet provides information about safe childbirth and care of mother and child.
Ghaylo Aur Bimaron Ki Pahli Sahayta: This book provides information techniques on first aid.
Apda Se Jujhte Bachon Ke Sang – Taiyari: this booklet provides knowledge on disaster preparedness with children living in disaster area.
Gram Nigranin Samiti: (Responsibility of village vigilance corps.) this handbook provides knowledge on formation of Village Vigilence Committee
Swasth Safai Samman Aur Sukh Ki Kuch Baten: this booklet provides knowledge on health and hygine.This booklet is especially designed for the students getting primary education
Vipda Men Bachcho Ki dekhbhal Ki Vayavastha: (Child care in disaster)- This booklet provides knowledge on childcare at the time of disaster.
Pashuo Ki Suraksha Ewam Dekhbhal: This booklet provides knowledge on care of animal
Bal Adhikar Ewam Hamari Jimmedariyan: This folder provides knowledge on child rights.
Aapda Se Suraksha Hetu Gram Kshamta: This booklet provides knowledge on formation and management of village vigilance committee on disaster management.
Viswa Ke Bachchon ko Prapt Adhikar: (Right of world’s children.)This booklet was published by KVT for making the civil society and policy makers as well as media person aware about the child rights. This booklet contains the rights of children provided worldwide.
Bal Balikaon Ke Geet:
In this booklet KVT has covered the songs of children. The songs, which are published in this booklet,are inspiring for children. Children use to sing it when they start any program or the meeting of Bal Panchayat


KVT has developed some leaflets & resource materials for the various activities like;-



  • Mahilayo Evam Baccho Par Hone Wale Gherelu Atyachar Ke Virurdh Ek Hathiyar (Domestic Violence Act 2005) - This leaflet is about Domestic Violence Act and how one can take relief measure
  • National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme Bihar- 2007- This leaflet explains all the related information of NREGS and how a person could get employment for 100 days
  • Apda Ke Dauran Badh Pirito Ke Adhikar (Rights of Victims during Disaster) - This leaflet is about the services provided to the disaster victims by the Central and State Govt.
  • Katab se Prabhabit Pariwaro Ke Puranwas Yojna Ka Labh Uthabe- This leaflet carried information about rehabilitation of infected families due to land erosion by high current of flood water. The Govt. has passed the order of land instead of land.
Resource Materials used in the Back to School Campaign:  
  • Badh, Bacche Aur School: A handbook expresses the Psycho-Socio condition of children during the flood, behavior of parents & teachers towards children during this period and to provide children emotional support by the teachers, so that their presence in the school could be increased.
  • Kaise Kare Baccho Ka Vaktitwa Vikas: This handbook is about the behavior of teachers towards the children, how to make a child friendly environment in the school, and to educate children without giving punishment.

Resource Materials for the Training Program:
  • Badh mein Bacho Ki Suraksha: This handbook provides information about child protection during flood against wild animal attacking, first–aid, and disaster management.
  • Kaise Roke Bal vyapar: This booklet is published to provide knowledge to children about Child Trafficking and how they can protect themselves & others from such type of evils.

  • Laxmi Ki kahani: This booklet provides information against Child Marriage by a real story of Laxmi.The right time of marriage, disadvantages of early marriage,etc.

  • Badh ke Doran Baccho Ke Saath Vyabhar: This booklet contains information about our behavior towards children during the time of flood, & community disaster preparedness before flood.
  • Dharmendra Tum Kaha Ho: A small booklet tells the story of Dharmendra a little child labour that lost from the place of work, his search, & Children protest against Child Labor.
Baccho Ke Saath Hamara Vyabhar (A Volunteers Guideline):
  • Baccho Ke Saath Hamara Vyabhar (A Volunteers Guideline): This leaflet is published for the CPC members & volunteers who look after CFS, their behavior towards the children at CFS and to protect children from physical, psychological, and sexual abuse.
Resources material published by KVT in 2008-09:
  • Bacho ka Adhikar (A Booklet on convention on the rights of the child.)
  • Bal Mitrata Sthal (A booklet tells about the value of Child Friendly Space after flood disaster).
  • Bal Panchyat (A bylaws of Children Council)
  • Gayara sticker ball adhikar ke sandarb main (11 stickers related to child rights)
  • Back to School Campaign ( A Poster on Back to School Campaign
  • Bal Sambad (Child News Paper)
  • Swachata ke Sath Jina Sikhen. (learn to live with health and hygiene.)
  • Leprosy- A Disease of great concern
  • Gram Adharit Apda Prabandh Kesai Karen ( what are the Village level steps to stop disaster)
  • Badh Apda sai bachne ki tayari (pamphlet on safety measures during flood disaster)
  • Barh chetra main krihi prabhandan (Agriculture Management in Flood Area. )
  • Krishi par besbikaran ka ashar or bikalpon ki jarurat
  • Gram Panchayat ko Majbut Karen. (Strengthening Gram Panchayat)
  • Manav Adhikar Ke Liye Sangharsh Karain
  • AIDS Ko Samjhain.
  • Mai To Shor Machaungi. (A leaflet against child abuse)
  • Bacho Par Honebala Apradha or Kuriti Ko Roken. (A leaflet on Stop Child Protection)
  • Barh Kchetra Main Prathamik Upchar. ( First Aid in Flood disaster area.)
  • Bachhon ko sikchak dwara saja avam Bal Surakcha. (Corporal Punishment and Child Protection.)
  • Disaster risk reduction ko samjhen ( Learn about Disaster Risk Reduction)
  • Shishuon ki jivan surakcha.- (Health related information for protection of child life.)
  • Bal Surkcha ke liye gram panchayat. ( Village Council role on Child Protection issues.)
  • A Poster on child friendly space.
  • A hand Book on SHG.
  • A Pasbook for SHG Holder
  • Logo KVT
  • Logo Bal Panchayat.

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